About Jimmy Macharia

Have circumstances in life left you feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, and uninspired? Do you feel stuck in a rut of a meaningless life? This remarkable book is an elaborate, practical, and heartfelt guide that will enable you to live a meaningful life as it is the desire of God.

In this book, Pastor Jimmy systematically presents to us in a plain manner as taught by the Holy Scriptures, formulas that will take you from a place of obscurity to notoriety, which is a place where you know and understand the power you possess Lo make the best of your life.

You will learm timeless spiritual flavors such as the flavor of the anointing, wisdom, service and humility, faith, the word of God, and how they can transform your life once you are grounded in these truths.

Filled with practical examples, this book is the prescription you need to eliminate insignificance and reinvigorate your dreams, reboot your future, and live a significant life!

Jimmy Macharia is a mega church pastor, an internationally respected leadership authority and minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, holding a degree in Bible and Theology from the East Africa School of Theology (EAST). He is the founder of Harvest Family Ministries.

International; a global movement of churches reaching different groups of people with an aim to raise and release champions into different spheres of influence.

He ministers in pastors’ and leaders’ conferences all over the world and lives in Nairobi, Kenya

For more information, visit www.jimmymacharia.or.ke or email [email protected]